Brian Lowery October 12, 2012

Brian is a coach and consultant to senior sales leadership teams and multi-national sales and customer service organizations.  He has worked with clients on topics ranging from executive leadership, excellence in... Continue Reading

Mark Woodland October 12, 2012

Mark is a consultant and coach to senior managers, sales leaders and sales people globally.  He has built call center operations and trained over 10,000 call center agents and over... Continue Reading

Dennis Klemp October 12, 2012

Dennis has been coaching and training sales teams to higher levels of performance for over 23 years.  Through his keynote addresses, facilitation and coaching, Dennis is able elicit cultural change... Continue Reading

Jeff Kirschenmann October 12, 2012

Jeff is a facilitator and coach at OutSell.  He has significant experience in call center and direct sales environments where he has worked with travel, insurance, and communication companies. Some... Continue Reading

Emily Knott October 12, 2012

Emily is a consultant with OutSell.  She is able to draw on a decade of experience in sales, management, corporate training and coaching in industries including banking, accounting, real estate,... Continue Reading