“The interactive nature of OutSell’s engagements are fantastic. They are well structured, well planned and the whole group is well organized. They put real thought into how they work with us.  No one from OutSell is in front of my team without preparation. OutSell took the time to understand our vernacular and became true partners. I view OutSell as extension of my organization. “

– Mark R. | President and CEO, Auto Insurance Specialists


“What has always impressed me about OutSell is their willingness to listen, not just suggest an off the shelf “pre-packaged” program. They worked hard to understand the specific situation we were facing and then partnered with us to tailor an approach for maximum effectiveness. Our primary challenge was building a set of consistent, basic sales skills, and the Outsell team’s willingness to get out into the field with our advisors and managers — “belly to belly” — to provide real live coaching feedback was a unique and successful approach.”

 – Barry F. | Chief Business Operating Officer, Apollo Group


“We were looking for fundamental sales training. Growth was decent but we were not hitting our ambitious objectives. It was important that we had a sales process that was American Modern’s and something we would do for a sustained period of time, not three days of training. OutSell didn’t bring a canned sales process and that stood out. OutSell went to great pains to understand our business and what we were trying to accomplish with my team, as well as corporately.”

  –  Dick D. | President, American Modern Insurance Group


“Trust me when I say that this was simply the best Management training I have experienced in my 12 + years of Management. The message was enlightening, the materials were impeccably organized, and the delivery from Brian was amazing, to say the least.”

– Matt B. | Sales Department Manager


“This is a transformation I am still in awe of. I told you that Xiong was doing well. Well, he has gone, in less than a month, from being last in line to leading the charge. Right now, he is my top rep. He may have a bad day here and there, but he’s smoking my vets!”

– Cole R. | Sales Manager


“Got a little feedback today that I thought I would share. Michael said in his conversations with Dennis, and even his own observations of me, is that I’ve definitely ”risen to the next level” and I am much more on everyone’s radar right now – and at top levels of the company. I requested another 6 months of coaching to work on further polishing of my communication, focus and approach to my job as a leader, manager and senior level representative of the company. ”

– Alison J. | Regional Vice President