From The Beginning

OutSell was founded in 1996 with the belief that we could deliver customized sales training that is more effective than the off-the-shelf sales training solutions available.

Our focus is building a sales consulting company where we spend our time and energy solving issues for clients and creating long lasting sustainable change that drive results.

We work in the field “knee cap to knee cap” to understand the issues and opportunities and change behavior.

Training resources and methods have grown exponentially over the past 15+ years as our industry continually seeks to meet the challenges faced by sales organizations in reaching potential clients and growing new and existing relationships. What has remained constant and even grown in importance is the ability to focus on the core fundamental skills of effective communication that deliver a better experience for customers. People do business with people and mastering the art and science of interacting in a genuine, customer centric manner is a tremendous competitive advantage.    We have found this to be true in our work across the globe.

We’ve authored two best selling books (If You’re Not Out Selling, You’re Being Out Sold and Silver Bullet Selling) and have helped hundreds of clients increase sales, improve retention and build sustainable, higher performance cultures. We have created and implemented sales and customer service programs for companies with several hundred million dollars in revenue all the way to nine of the current Fortune 50 companies. Our focus with each one is consistent, increasing results by turning their sales and customer service interactions into a sustainable competitive advantage.