Transforming Behavior

Our Approach

For your sales and customer service organizations to compete and win in today’s marketplace your people must deliver a unique and positive buying experience; this often requires getting people to change behaviors.

Your organization has an opportunity to transform behaviors in three very important ways:

  • Sales managers: Move from managing to results towards coaching to leading indicators.
  • Sales people: Go from selling a commodity to differentiating through value creation and a positive buying experience.
  • Customers: Turning resistant buyers in to engaged partners.

A behavioral change needs to be rooted at the core of an organization. We learn your business and earn the right to develop a customized program specific to your company, your culture and your needs. You brand it, you own it, and you take the credit for its success.

Your sales people will internalize a process that allows them to focus and maintain leadership in the moment with the client.  We eliminate the“mental gymnastics” of maintaining both the internal dialogue, and attempting to stay completely engaged with the customer:

Examples of internal dialogue are:

  • What should I ask about next?
  • Does this customer believe what I am saying?
  • I have to remember to mention our new widget.
  • I really need this sale.  Please say yes.

This is achieved through quality sales training and support. We get your leaders and managers out from behind the numbers and focused on a singular mission – to continuously improve the performance of their team.

Our consultants are sales people, not analysts. We spend our time with your people, kneecap to kneecap, coaching your sales team to get better on their very next customer interaction.

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