A Shot of OutSell

High Impact High Energy Workshops

OutSell presents a variety of high energy and engaging workshops. These workshops give you a flavor of the OutSell experience and are focused on delivering maximum impact with minimum fuss. In 45 minutes to all day formats, our facilitators help participants implement the fundamental principles that increase sales, improve leadership and create stronger teams. We can work with you to develop a custom presentation or leverage existing work and success by choosing topics other clients have found valuable which include:

  • Creating More Opportunities
  • Building Profitable Customer Relationships
  • Focusing Personal Sales Energy on the Right Opportunities
  • The Five Fundamentals of Building a High Performance Sales Culture
  • What the World’s Top Sales Professionals are Doing to Stay Ahead
  • Beating the Competition in Today’s Commodity Market
  • Reality of Behavior Change
  • Coaching Decoded – A Practical Guide for Managers
  • Leave Them Wanting More of You

Contact us today and let us develop a custom workshop that your team will never forget.