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Silver Bullet Selling

“Learn how to sell more, better, faster, and easier in any market!  This book will supercharge your selling results.”  Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling

Based on ten years of extensive research and interviews with thousands of top sales performers in a variety of industries, Silver Bullet Selling reveals the secrets all great sales professionals have in common. It’s not what you say that determines your success in sales; it?s how you execute the sales process to create a unique buying experience for customers. This book shows you how to apply the silver bullet selling method to launch your sales through the roof. Read it, and fire away at the competition.

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“Everybody is looking for the silver bullet. Ever since The Lone Ranger introduced it back in the Œ40s, it differentiated him from all the other cowboys. It’s the same in sales. This book contains their silver bullet and hundreds of other salespeople’s ideas of what they consider to be their silver bullet. This book will give you the top sales ideas of top salespeople. Buy Silver Bullet Selling and convert it to gold.”

Jeffrey Gitomer | Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

“We’ve worked with Silver Bullet Selling’s six-step process for several years, and our sales have never been better. We’re bringing in more new clients and generating more business from current clients.”

Andy Holden | President and COO, CPS Insurance Services

“This book delivers a clear and powerful six-step process that guarantees success. Read it, study it, refer back to it, and your sales results will soar.”

Tom Karinshak | Managing Director, Barclaycard US