By Steve Sansone

CONCLUSION: What, Why, and How in Coaching to a Sales Process

Breaking a call up into steps of a process will allow managers to build a foundation with a clear understanding of what specific skills are necessary for each step, why it is important to the call and demonstrate how it may sound.

Many managers can listen to a call and figure out where it went wrong and tell reps what they should have done differently.  Some managers utilize Socratic questioning to help their reps understand why each step is important and the effect it will have on the customer. Great managers have the ability to stop analyzing the past and start affecting the future by demonstrating to their reps how to be even more effective on their next call through role playing and practice.

Despite the vast differences found in examining businesses and their development of frontline employees, one thing remains the same – successful leaders are always looking for ways to consistently improve the performance of their teams.  The challenge, especially given the numerous demands and time constraints managers’ face, is how to replicate and make success scalable. The answer, simple, but far too often overlooked, can be found in coaching to a process.

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