Emily Knott - Consultant and Technology Guru

Emily is a consultant with OutSell.  She is able to draw on a decade of experience in sales, management, corporate training and coaching in industries including banking, accounting, real estate, construction, higher education and IT.  Emily has helped companies grow revenues and improve customer satisfaction scores as well as helping directors, managers, and leaders improve the performance of their teams through coaching.

Emily holds a BA in History from the University of Michigan with concentrations in computer science and political science and published a paper in the Meeting of Minds Journal of Undergraduate Research, Vol. 3, 2000. 

In her spare time, Emily is currently training an off the track thoroughbred to re-career in hunter jumper and can be found climbing the Colorado 14ers or backpacking in the wilderness.  She resides in Colorado with her family.

“I believe only a few are born to be coaches.  However, any coach can be made and anyone in a leadership or management role deserves training on HOW to coach their team. Coaching is about moving forward to what can be effected in the future, building a team on their strengths, and continuous development through modeling behaviors and constant practice.” 

What they say about Emily:

“Emily was empowering in her training!”

“Her enthusiasm made a huge difference in the success of retention of information, and participation in class.”

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