PIMCO is widely known for its intellectual capital, global intelligence and ability to distill information, data and noise into investable opportunities. PIMCO is also becoming widely known for the way they interact with their investors and potential investors. Over the last several years the company has been focused on turning their account managers into a competitive advantage by teaching them to build consultative relationships that changed how they approach conversations with investors and how they view the partnership between investors and investment manger.

To achieve this goal PIMCO engaged our partner company Accelerate Performance almost 6 years ago. During that time we developed a customized program that trained highly educated account managers to become a key source of advice for their clients and a competitive advantage for PIMCO by developing their client-facing, consultative skills. That process gives them the tools necessary to go through structured preparation, ask more effective questions and focus on the benefits of what they are offering and not just the features. As a result account managers are proactively growing client relationships, generating new opportunities to effectively introduce new products with institutional investors, seeing a quicker ramp of new client facing professionals and a delivering a better, more consistent client experience across the entire team.

In 2010 when PIMCO rebranded itself and launched new products in different asset classes a new challenge for the client-facing teams arose. How do they communicate the new message while maintaining the high level of comfort and familiarity clients had with the previous offerings?  We helped them develop and execute a plan that allowed account managers to strategically position these new ideas and investment strategies and create interest and momentum in this new direction.

As the firm has grown from $600B in assets in 2006 to $1.8T in 2012, we continue to be a core development partner and currently coach and train multiple client-facing teams throughout the firm and across the globe.