Nutrisystem wanted to do a better job of helping their customers stay on the program and reach their weight-loss goals, and they realized that motivating people from the very start was a key opportunity for their team. We helped them revise their contact process so their people would spend more time understanding people’s goals and motivations and do a better job of explaining the three reasons Nutrisystem’s program is successful – healthy eating, convenience and support. We spent the bulk of our time working with their coaches and managers, preparing them to coach to the skills this new contact process required – building rapport, discovery, resolving concerns in a non-confrontational manner and building the value of Nutrisystem.

Instead of acting as order-takers, their agents started genuinely connecting with customers and getting them excited and motivated to start the program, engage with Nutrisystem’s community and weight-loss support tools and ready to achieve their goals.

The team devised a rallying cry for the project’s key success metric, aligned compensation to incentivize the desired behaviors and launched a series of successful contests. Every person in the building knew the goal and the team blew it out of the water.