The global learning and development team responsible for serving Google’s sales team needed a partner who could bring a credible sales voice to their solutions.  With our partner, Accelerate Performance, we’ve developed a number of programs, highly tailored for Google sellers. Some of the problems we’ve helped them address through customized learning solutions include:

  • Pitch clinics where pods deliver actual upcoming client pitches and receive coaching and feedback to ensure the message is on target and powerfully delivered
  • Fundamental consultative selling skills for very smart people who haven’t really sold things before
  • Understanding how different corporate organizations operate when you’ve never worked anywhere but Google
  • Managing time and workflow when you work at Google, where change and a never-ending stream of information is your only constant
  • Acting as a strategic solutions consultant to both internal teams and external clients.

Every program’s development involves a high degree collaboration between us, the L&D team and the sales leaders and we’ve delivered them to Googlers around the globe.