View Every Interaction for it’s Potential Opportunity

By Trent Nate

Success Principles & Potential Opportunity

Upon a recent review of Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles,” an insightful quote really spoke to the importance of how vitally important each and every interaction can be for an organization and its customers:

“What if you, too, were to greet every interaction in your life with the question ‘What’s the potential opportunity that this is?’”

Approaching each interaction with this in mind, and simply having an awareness of how important it is can drastically impact the outcome for the better.  Viewing every interaction as an opportunity ensures that we are always bringing our “A” game, and perpetually positioning ourselves for success.  It ensures that every customer feels important, and that their personal needs are being met, thus creating a great experience for both parties.

So the big question then becomes “how do we ensure that this is the way each interaction is approached?”  In short, it takes a great attitude, continued focus on the customer, and the skills necessary to maximize each opportunity.

If attitude is contagious, what are people catching from us?  It all starts with hiring the right people, and then developing them in a positive and progressive way.  Creating an internal culture of excellence, by way of great ongoing coaching, energizes employees and empowers them with the attitude conducive to success and growth.

A customer-centric focus starts with a desire to truly understand what their needs and desires are.  Every customer is unique, and as such, they all make decisions differently.  But one thing customers do have in common is that they hate to be sold.  Ironically, however, we all love to buy when equipped with the relevant options and personal value that meets our specific needs.  It is only through a genuine interest, and use of effective questions, that we can adequately understand what those needs are, and provide a tailored solution that leads to consistent customer satisfaction and loyalty.

An old proverb suggests that you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.  Having a proven and adaptable process to approach every single interaction with confidence is knowing how to fish!  It ensures our ability to understand and meet the unique demands of our customers in a consistently effective and meaningful way, taking advantage of each and every opportunity!

Every interaction truly is an opportunity to make the magic happen.  As we bring an infectiously great attitude, focus on the unique needs of every customer, and execute an effective process, opportunities will be taken advantage of, and the results will be nothing short of remarkable.