Executing Change

Our Process

We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies since our founding in 1996.  Over the course of these engagements, we’ve developed a six-step process that we know generates performance improvement. We follow this process on every single project because we know it will work for you.

Step 1: Vision Meeting

We begin at the top with your executive team to clarify the organization’s:

  • Strategic plans
  • Priorities, goals, and key performance indicators
  • Roles and responsibilities

We then address how a sales or customer service performance improvement initiative can best support these items and how to overcome any potential hurdles.

This vision is the “top-down” leadership support that gets communicated down through your organization so that everyone’s energy, focus and direction is clearly aligned. This vision becomes the road map and “true north” for the entire project.

Step 2: Client Discovery

Each organization is unique and no one knows your business and what it takes to succeed better than you do. Our job is to help you systematize the skills and behaviors that create success and meaningful performance gains. During our discovery we are looking for:

  • Best practices that should be replicated
  • Skill gaps that should be addressed
  • Opportunities for immediate wins
  • Learning about your culture, organization and people.

During a typical discovery visit, we’ll meet your company leaders, facilitate roundtable discussions, interview your top, mid and poor-performing managers and front line reps, and observe real time coaching and sales interactions.

Step 3: Program Development

Your customized program will be developed in two parts. The first is focused on the skills your people need in order to transform the customer interaction into your company’s competitive advantage; the second part transforms the coaching interaction between your leadership and their teams.

This program becomes your program, not an OutSell program. However, we will develop any classroom materials, case studies, job aids, coaching aids, reporting processes, audio reinforcement tools, point of sales tools and all follow up materials.

Step 4: Delivery

The first step to changing behavior is the classroom experience. Our classroom experience is unlike what you are probably used to. We do not stand and lecture, or deliver a slow death by PowerPoint. An OutSell class is high-energy, interactive, designed for adult learners and fun. We make sure everyone understands the “why” behind the “what” when learning the skills and provide demonstrations that let people see and hear, step-by-step, how to have successful, impactful conversations that help customers make a positive buying decision for your product or service. Your people walk away with the foundation and confidence that allows them to put the process into action on their very next call or meeting.

Step 5: Individual Change

As soon as they leave the training room, your people will never be more motivated, willing and ready to improve – but the message, accountability and coaching support to continue using the new process has to be there. Without it, training is just another event, the momentum and initial lift disappears; and you’re left with just another flavor of the month.

Our “road warriors” transition out of the classroom and into the field, reinforcing the skills taught during the training, providing continuous practice and coaching.  We coach your front line people, the coaches and managers to ensure that your team can deliver the level of performance improvement that will make this program part of your company DNA and most importantly – sustainable.

Step 6: Organizational Change

In this final phase, we work with you to implement the broader organizational change that will make this program a part of your company’s way of doing business from this day forward. Typical components include:

  • CERTIFICATION – Recognize and reward your players and get your coaches out coaching.
  • TRAIN THE TRAINER – Prepare your internal team to deliver the program with the same level of effectiveness.
  • NEW HIRE – Make your on boarding process quicker and more effective.
  • TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY – Provide continued support, transparency and accountability.
  • MEASUREMENT – Ensure the right behaviors are being measured.
  • INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT – Measure the true business impact of your investment with an independent 3rd party assessment.

We are so confident in our process that we guarantee projects that incorporate all six components of our process.