The Magic in the Mundane

By Brian Lowery

We usually know when a meeting or call goes well. We’re relaxed, focused on the opportunities we hope to explore, ask relevant questions, do a good job listening and responding, communicate our points clearly and summarize the relevant next steps that every one feels good about. Positive energy just seems to flow naturally in these situations and our attention is appropriately focused throughout the discussion. At other times, we feel distracted, rushed, stuck and often walk out feeling frustrated. It can feel like the never-ending flow of stuff coming at us or the latest and loudest crisis is inhibiting the best version of ourselves from showing up.

Improved results are a product of focus. Whether we’re planning a fabulous dinner with friends or preparing for a meeting with a Top 20 Agent, clarifying our desired outcomes in advance and focusing our attention on the appropriate areas that we need to consider will always produce a better result. Surprisingly this doesn’t have to take hours! Two minutes of focused thinking in advance can make all the difference in a sixty-minute meeting. The possible next action clarified in advance can be suggested as your wrapping up, maintaining momentum and shortening the sales cycle.

As with exercise, the hardest part is starting and that is the main benefit of the Meeting Prep Template. Leverage this focusing tool to kick-start your thinking before each call/meeting, enjoy a more focused discussion and do a quick summary email after the meeting. Repeat.

People will wonder why your meetings and calls always seem to go so well…. “you just seem to have that magic touch”.

All the best,


“Structures are not designed for life to fit into. Rather they help us leverage reality to our advantage.”
– David Allen, author “Getting Things Done”