Brian Lowery October 12, 2012

Brian is a coach and consultant to senior sales leadership teams and multi-national sales and customer service organizations.  He has worked with clients on topics ranging from executive leadership, excellence in... Continue Reading

G.A. Bartick October 12, 2012

G.A. is a national speaker and facilitator at conventions and meetings around the country.  He has been in sales his entire career.  His belief in the value of the customer... Continue Reading

Mark Woodland October 12, 2012

Mark is a consultant and coach to senior managers, sales leaders and sales people globally.  He has built call center operations and trained over 10,000 call center agents and over... Continue Reading

Susan Sullivan October 12, 2012

As Director of Programs, Susan Sullivan leads our efforts to develop and deliver content that is relevant, engaging and impactful.   She has developed programs for nearly every client on OutSell’s... Continue Reading

Kent McDougall October 12, 2012

Kent has over twenty years of management experience building award-winning teams.  During his tenure at OutSell, Kent has developed and delivered training and consulting services for multinational and regional companies... Continue Reading